DSV Selector Valve

Dynamic's NEW 6 way, 2 station 12-volt DC Selector Valve is operated by a continuously rated wet pin solenoid. It is capable of switching from one circuit to another at a variety of flows and pressures. Standard ports are SAE-8, but additional port options may be available by special order.

DSV - Selector Valve Catalog Page

Model #: DSV-62-08-12

Hydraulic Specifications

Port Size 3/4-16 (SAE-8)
Max Flow Rate 13.2 gpm
Operating Pressure 3600 psi
Oil Temp Range -4°F - 158°F
Viscosity Range 70-1790 SSu
Filtration Requirement NAS 1638 8

Electrical Specifications

Supply Voltage 12/24 VDC
Amperage Rating 1.25A for DC 24V
2.5A for DC 12V
Max Ambient Temp 125°F
Max Coil Temp 356°F
Duty Cycle Continuous

See catalog page for additional details.